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“What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy”


Musa de viajes started just recently but let’s first talk a bit about the author. My name is Citlali, in Nahuatl (one of the many pre-Hispanic languages ​​in Mexico and the official language of the Aztec empire) means star, so for friends I am sometimes a star, when pronouncing my name becomes a bit complicated, I am 30 years old and he traveled in the last 10 years, I have visited many countries but not all who wanted, the list is never finished.

Since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to travel to other worlds, I began to use my imagination, so much that even the teachers told me “the distracted little girl”, and precisely because I was distracted I missed so many times (ask my mom) that I still remember some.

So it was that I started to travel in my mind, now this has become a habit a bit difficult to control, from time to time I keep escaping.



From my adolescence I remember a lot but nothing to do with the point I want to reach, rather it was a time of encubado and preparation for what was to come.

At 21, when I finally finished college, I told my parents that they had arrived when it was time to travel, we wanted to leave the house and look for other worlds, and it was. The first stop was Brazil, a place that I fell in love with, without a doubt one of the best experiences and the happiest moments of my 20’s, which is wonderful to be able to experience the world in that way! Learning a new language, making new friends, trying new flavors and aromas, it was a perfect experience and like imagination, beautiful!

When it was time to go to my beloved Brazil, my second plane ticket, which had been canceled I found out later, when I called to retrieve the flight) and with this one bought a bus ticket Sao Paulo – Buenos Aires, it was 30 hours by bus He did not suffer at all, it was incredible.

At that moment in the middle of the fear of uncertainty and emotion for which I did not know what awaits me, I realized that that was my passion, the emotion for the unknown, the smell of airports and it was my goal.

Today after 10 years of that first adventure and 28 countries later, it will not stop feeling the same every time I travel to a new place, it’s like that first day.



Now he can create a job that I do not need on vacation, I can be anywhere and at the same time work, so I can mix my two great passions: technology and travel, which has led me to specialize as a digital nomad.

Digital marketing is my specialty, I like to share my travel experiences, and at the same time save my memories, that’s why I created this blog.

In the last 10 years I worked for several industries but especially for the tourism and hotel services industry, which led me to identify that there is always a need for information, the traveler wants to hear other users the best way to travel good and beautiful, and as a traveler herself, I know that advice or recommendation are always necessary.

So welcome to this personal and professional project, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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