Digital Campaigns Creation

The secret of a marketing strategy

Including the creation of digital campaigns in your marketing strategy nowadays has become an essential element in your strategy for the success of your business.

Many of us know about the existences of a product because the Interne, that is why there are also sites on the internet such as Tripadvisor where users are welcome to travel to other users.

The truth is that good digital campaigns are due to those integrated with traditional media, but unfortunately has seldom been achieved successfully, this guarantees a 360º message that addresses the need to satisfy the product / service and avoid shortsightedness in your brand .

Are digital campaigns necessary?

Well, first of all, let’s ask why I want to do a campaign of my brand on the internet. What do I want to achieve with this? It is quite common not to achieve the expected results, but this is often because the objectives were not defined from the beginning.

The possibilities we have with digital cameras are endless, we can generate visibility for your brand, through clicks and impressions, you can include a video campaign to build it and generate awareness towards your business (more people will know that your brand exists and you will expand your market!), the most common goal is to generate conversions for your online store (read as sales, records, downloads, request information, etc.), all this through a good strategy and defined objectives, which with the help of a complete user a success.

On the question of whether a digital campaign is necessary, the objectives themselves define it, which means that it does not depend only on the strategy, but the tools to use, although it is almost 99.9% to achieve your objectives, with the right approach you can achieve great results

An example of the versatility of new media and digital campaigns, is the ability to adapt all the objectives, is the case of success of the Swedish Navy, which implements a campaign to recruit new revenue to its ranks.


digital campaigns


The objective was to reach 4,300 applicants to occupy 1,430 positions available, the success of this digital campaign was brutal, even people from the interior traveled to the capital to be part of the campaign. They achieved 9,930 applicants, more than double their goal.

This is just an example of what could be a good digital strategy to do for your brand, or this other campaign of Heineken QR Codes made in a music festival, which exceeded its goal by 200%, generating interaction between attendees what was his initial objective.

So, if you have a question about the brand, if you are interested in a digital brand, you can be sure that you are asking the wrong question.

Do you have doubts about how you could improve the presence of your brand on the internet?

Would you like to implement a campaign to improve sales and visibility of your brand?

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