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“After all, the second page of Google is the best place to hide a body”



After a few years of working for different agencies and for large hotel chains, I have been able to accumulate a verifiable experience in digital media, all this way started as a complete amateur, with only the idea of ​​wanting to work at my own pace, being the owner of My day and at the same time be productive for me and for companies that urgently need a digital marketing expert.

In this environment charlatans are very common, and if you do not have any experience, it is very easy to get scammed, that is why I put my services at your disposal as a SEO and SEM specialist, so be it a simple consultation without cost do not hesitate contact me, I can offer you a REAL panorama of your company based on an investigation with REAL numbers, about where we should work, how, why and when.

If your website already exists, I can help you generate an SEO strategy based on what exists today and where you should go, work on your digital presence, analyze your site thoroughly to implement improvements in usability and navigability, we will develop a calendar to measure objectives and results, all in order to improve the presence of your brand and reach more potential customers.

If you already have a super page, and you are interested in accelerating the exposure of your products / services, we can implement a search engine campaign, better known as SEM (by its acronym Search Engine Marketing), this immediately enhances the possibility of generating sales direct in your store, for this it is necessary a previous analysis on your destination page (page where the transactions will be made) to see if it meets the requirements to generate successful conversions.

The possibilities of working together are endless, everything depends on your needs and what your brand needs, this is a small list of things that could work for your company:

SEO Strategy

  • Construction of backlinks (linkbuilding) based on different content promotion strategies
  • Under the Brian Dean system that guarantees a sustained growth of visibility and ranking.
  • Analysis of online stores
  • Optimization of visualization, navigability and usability of web pages
  • Optimization to different devices (responsive).
  • Keyword Analysis
  • meta-content, alt’s titles, internal link links,
  • Analysis of site speed and optimization, compression of images,
  • Insertion of codes for web analytics for analysis based on real statistics and better decision making.
  • Insertion to webmaster tools and check indexing errors and broken links, if so solve them.
  • Insertion of robot.txt and site map.
  • Review Canonical pages and duplicate content
  • Monitor the abandonment rate
  • Verify redirects, establish friendly URLs.
  • Establishment of a secure site (SSL certificate)
  • Verify cache
  • Add schemas or rich texts.
  • Analyze in google insight for other improvements.

SEM Strategy

  • Market analysis
  • Niche analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Ad copywriting
  • Match analysis
  • Set ad extensions: price, location, contact.
  • Establish site layers
  • Optimize transaction landing page
  • Set CPC
  • Calendar and budgets
  • Maintenance of the account


These are just some of the aspects that we could work together to maximize your presence in search engines and achieve a successful store.

Dare to success and contact me for a free consultation:



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